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A World-Class Non-Fiction Writer & Radio Talk Show Host.

Lawrence J. King is a Ten Time Internationally Known Published Author,

Motivational Speaker, US Army Veteran.

Former Martial Arts Instructor I.T.F. / W.T.F.

Korean Style TAE Kwan Do, teaching TAE Kwan.

Do the Way of the hand and foot.

He trained the men and women of the Armed Forces while serving in the military as a US Army Specialist

Trained in Multi-Channel Communications procedures.

United States NATO Armed Forces Detachment Europe.


Book Talk

Mr. King is also the host of a popular Worldwide Radio Talk.

Show called BOOK TALK with your host LAWRENCE J. KING….

Mr. King’s Book Talk Radio Show

A live show with one on one

interviews from established published authors, musicians,

People with diverse interests from the local, regional,

national, and international.

Book Talk Radio

With approximately 80,000 friends, followers, fans,

And loyal listeners worldwide….


His Success

Lawrence King attributes his success to countless hours of hard work.

​No Pain, No Gain….

It takes focus and self-discipline, will power and determination,

The true desire to achieve your goals.

Mr. King’s life is pretty much an open book for the world.

See! His life has been full of 3 steps backward 4 steps forward and 7 steps back again.

While gaining insight, wisdom, and knowledge throughout his life for his life!

Mr. King’s books.

Educational, Inspirational, and Motivational,

Benefit people from all walks of life.

Fuck ups and painful setbacks

Lawrence J. King is a true success story despite his fuck ups and painful setbacks in his life.

His books are mainly devoted to people with less than perfect past,

He sums it up like this.

If Mr. King can do it

Then anybody can make it happen for themselves!


Mr. King comes from the school of hard knocks, and he has been there,

He has dealt with Loss of Friends, Family and Loved Ones,

A Divorce, Drugs, and Alcohol Issues, Therapy, also Domestic Violence Problems,

He was terminated from his Biker Club.

Being a Fugitive from Justice,

being Arrested Numerous

Times, Probation, Jail, and Prison,

Mr. King has also dealt with Isolation,

Discrimination Issues, being Imprisoned for Deliberate Insolence, Eviction from Residence,

Loss of Employment, and if that is not enough he was Homeless.

In America and living in the streets

can you believe that

In The Great USA,

Mr. King went from Riches to Rags, and back to Rags to Riches!

A True Survivor

Lawrence J. King is a true survivor……

Mr. King believes that no matter what life deals you.

You deal with yourself in life that you can overcome the obstacles.

And adversity and for sure turn it around again.

Be the change you wish to see.

Strive daily to move forward

Because yesterday is gone!

Tomorrow is not promised.

​Never quit, Never Give Up………….