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Music Is Our Business

Robert Doermann CEO and OWNER



My name is Robert Doermann. I’m a US Citizen living in Germany for 35 Years.
. At the age of 16, I made my FCC license and broadcasted on a Radiostation in California called KLVK. After four years I left CA and joined the Army.

That was most of my life.
After I got out of the Army I went back to Germany. I worked part times for a Radiostation in a Canadian Air Base till they left Germany.

Robert Doermann CEO and OWNER


Why I started this?

I started Vaping about fore years ago. The reason was that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when I went to my Doctor.
Parkinson’s and smoking and hard medicine don’t fit together.

At the same time, I found some really cool people on the Web. They showed me more about vaping, like
Juices, coils, etc. One day I came up with a crazy idea abought starting an Internet Radiostation.

And I did it, called: VapersRadio-listen to my show.
I broadcast online since 11/2016.
It started slowly with like 20 to 150 listeners. In 01/2017 I started a new channel with ZENO LIVE- “with one stream”.
After a month I had between 400 and 800 listeners.
And then – FRITz – helped me get more things going.
He gave me most of the music to start playing. Then we opened up two more streams and our listeners jumped up.

The Radiostation has now over 3.652.866 songs and 4.000 artists we can play.
And weekly it’s getting more. We play music all over the world.
Our motto

ON AIR 108.6 FM is a large part of the KVRG STUDIOS it is combined of three OTHER Radiostation and a Recording studio.
We play almost forgotten music and music that other Radio stations don’t play anymore.
At the moment we have over 128,000 listeners worldwide