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Radio-Commercials And Air-Time For Sale


Euro30 / month

Six 0:30 spots every day

Free ad on the official website 24/7 support


Euro50 / month

eight 0:30 spots every day

Free ad on the official website 24/7 support


Euro120 / month

twenty 0:30 spots every day

Free ad on the official website 24/7 support

ON AIR 108.6 FM Radio offers sponsors complete control over the type of ad used and the motif for on-air ads on site. We can work with you to create a unique ad, or you can use one that your company has already created.

With ON AIR 108.6 FM Radio your company is brought into contact with listeners on the platforms Tune In Radio Networks and Win Amp Radio, Radionomy, Radio line, Zeno live, and other platforms.

They have the name and logo on all websites.

Your message can reach thousands of households around the world every day.

8% of the listeners of ON AIR 108.6 FM Radio come from the USA and Canada, 78% come from Europe, 8% come from Central and South America, and the remaining 6% come from the rest of the world, also from South Africa and New Zealand.

You can record your advertisement and send it to info- via MP3.

Contact: onair108.6 [email protected]


150 countries where our transmitters operate their transmitters. 7,000 +. Over 7,000 stations in our growing network of content partners. 35. 35 different languages ​​on all of our channels. Start the transfer. If you are a broadcaster, you can only broadcast through the website on your desktop.

Listen2my show

At listen2myradio, every radio station has its website. You have two colors to choose from, you can customize the design, upload your logo, and more. Choose your subdomain and get 7 cool domain names

radio guide FM / LOUT FM

It is a website where you can listen to free online radio stations around the world. Just click, listen, and enjoy!


Radionomy is an online radio platform that allows you to create, discover, and listen to online stations from around the world

Win amp

is a media player for Windows, macOS, and Android, which was originally developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitriy Boldyrev from Null soft

For inquiries, please send an email

onair108.6 [email protected]