I am six years old. I don’t know where I was born, just that I

was kept in a cellar until I was found by a very nice, older lady who was there to save cats.

At home, the lady still had many cats. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to them because I don’t get along well with other members of the species, which is understandable since I never learned how to talk to them.

Long story short, when I was three years old, two guys who wanted a cat suddenly appeared in my “home”.

When they came to my “apartment” it was love at first sight.

At least from my side. But I noticed immediately after people sat on my bed, hugging and loving me, that these would be my new can openers. And so it happened.

I was finally able to leave my pension and move to my new home.

I’ve been here for three years now and I feel very comfortable. Food and drink are excellent, playing and sleeping times are excellent, and everything else that is part of cat life, too.

So that’s it from me. It’s not a lot, but I’m still young. Maybe I’ll tell you more about me someday.
Bye, bye and meow – your Cool cat Fritz

Oh, I forgot to mention. I LOVE popcorn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!